If innovation was easy, everyone would be doing it.


Thanks for coming back to check out another blog entry. It's a hectic December for me and hopefully for you, so I'll keep this one short, but hopefully of value to you. Got that coffee? Let's go...

Today I'd like to talk about innovation and it's role in digital marketing.

This year I've sat down with several businesses. Some have gotten excited and opted to roll with us, some haven't but have then made an effort to improve what they do on social media. I'm happy that something productive came from the coffee or Skype call with me and it had value on some level for them, so that's a good thing.

I'll obviously keep a close eye on what they are doing, but also what's going on in their sphere. What's the competition doing? What's their starting point against the competitor?  Most importantly, are they doing anything to really stand out?

The answer is typically no. That's not to be negative on their efforts, it's better to reach some folk via social than no folk. But if you are running a food delivery operation and are up against the Dominos of the market, or feeling the squeeze as online delivery services pinch your footfall little by little each and every week, well innovation is the only legitimate weapon you have to outperform them. 

The good news? It can be done.

A few little tips that can help you once the lightbulb goes off.

1. Timing is everything! Got your big idea? Don't send it out 45 minutes after your competitor has sent their weekly mail or text. Take note and learn their patterns and beat them to the punch.

2. Be Unique. There's nothing unique about static photographs anymore. They'd want to be absolutely phenomenal to catch the eye. Furthermore, facebook and instagram are evolving away from them. Have you adapted yet or are you sharing static images? Is this what the business you compete with is doing? If the answer is yes, get excited. You are in a position to win and win now. If the answer is no and they've evolved to other ways of getting their product across, you need to adapt now and fast.

3. Back yourself. Don't just let out a sigh and accept defeat. Did netflix accept defeat when customers didn't want to have movies mailed to them and instead preferred to walk into stores? No, they took a cold hard look at their opponent and saw a huge hole they hadn't filled and made their move to own digital. Who's the big fish in that market now?

2018 is going to be the year of innovation. Digital marketing is evolving at rocket speed. If you can stay ahead, you stand a huge chance of growing and succeeding. We Sell Want Media wish you every success in the coming year and if innovating seems like a hard task but you feel you absolutely need to push back, get in touch. We'd love to help. 

Whether it's eye catching video content, a cutting edge new website or daily unique social content, 2018 is going to be the year to roll up your sleeves and stake your claim.

Up for the fight? Let's talk.

Have a great week.