Are you ready for 2018?

Hey there,

I hope Christmas has been great for you, on a personal and a professional level. 

Now we're all at the stage where it's time to put the mince pies down and begin to look ahead.

What's 2018 got in store for you? 

I'm sure you are like most businesses and will start to formulate your game plan for the next twelve months. I'm also pretty sure, that you recognise you need to keep a close eye on how marketing and advertising is evolving and you have probably made the decision to kick start your business through it.

But where to start? 

Let me point you at some things to get you thinking about how to drive your business in 2018 using technology. 

1. You need to be visual and interesting to your audience(note I didn't say customer).

The world has gone visual. People respond more and more every day to visual cues. Video and voice are now  becoming the way to drive people into your businesses arms. There's many ways to skin that cat. Either through plain ole video, animated content or through carousels or slideshows. If you think just sticking a photograph on facebook is going to do the job, it really won't. Time to get creative and get ahead!

2. Take all your marketing money and put it into facebook.

Seriously. All of it. If that scares you, then put some of it in. But if you are neglecting facebook as a means to get to your customer base, you will lose to your competition in 2018. Why? Because they will do this if they aren't already. 

3. Learn what influencers are and use them.

I'm not talking about mega stars either. There are people in your community, who use your product or a product like it, and proudly advertise it on their social feeds. You need to identify those people and get them through your doors.

4. Have a website that works for you and isn't just a glorified flier.

The sites we've put out in 2017 have been hugely successful for our clients. Why? Because their sites are giving them valuable information. Where is their audience visiting them from? What time of day are people checking out their site? What pages are they visiting? Where are these visitors coming from? Hardcore information that helps them learn and evolve to suit the wants and needs of their customers. If your site isn't doing this for you, you are missing out on the whole benefit of having a website/

5. Get generous.

Give your time to people. Give them your expertise. Give people a reason to be indebted to you or your business. Literally every single time I did something altruistic in 2017 it resulted in something coming back my way. So think about what you can do to help your community and sit back and be amazed as it comes back to re-pay you.


So, there you have it. Five things to think about heading into 2018. The economy looks stable and will hopefully lead to lots of opportunities for you to thrive. As always, if you have any questions, opinions or would like to chat further, I'm here and would be happy to chat with you to help get ahead in 2018. Get in touch!

Happy New Year to you and yours!